Managing Family Business For Generational Success - India

To succeed in India and other global markets, family-owned businesses must focus on financial performance, ownership control, family and shareholder collaboration, conflict resolution, and succession planning. This program explores effective strategies for maximizing business strengths, minimizing weaknesses, and driving long-term growth.

Leading Change And Organizational Renewal

Challenged by disruptive change and ongoing innovation, senior executives must acquire the expertise to manage system wide growth while sustaining competitive advantage. Through new conceptual frameworks and core models, this program explores effective ways to develop internal communication networks, build a shared vision of success, embrace strategic experimentation, and minimize associated risks. You will return to your company better prepared to plan and lead a successful change initiative.

High Potential Leadership Program


  • To help fast-track individuals develop their leadership skills as their responsibilities increase, this program exposes you to cutting-edge research, proven leadership strategies, and best management practices.
  • Meeting the needs of top performers, this program accelerates your development as a strong and capable leader.


Leadership in Action

Anger Management

The fast pace of growth in the ICE (Information, Communication & Entertainment) age has pushed
people into the rat race of consumerism and mechanization. The conscious and the sub-conscious
stress leads to frustration resulting in ANGER, which need to be managed.


  • Understanding Anger
  • Constructive anger
  • The Anger Myths
  • Negative Mental Energy
  • Lpve vs hate
  • Tips to manage Anger
  • Action Quotient


This programme specially designed for Shop floor Workers and supporting staff would provide the participants a new outlook and positive consideration to work and personal life. Improving efficiency, communication skills, caring & accommodative nature and pleasing manners are some of the virtues imparted through this programme.

Power of Positive Attitude

Why develop a positive attitude?
There is an awakening in the corporate world of the importance of a positive mental attitude. Customers are lost, friction and conflicts occur, stress increases, employees report sick, performance at work gets affected, productivity goes down – all due to a negative mental attitude.


Developing Leaderhip

This Training Programme has been carefully designed to cater the needs of individual manager and help him to understand his personality, personal strengths and weaknesses and also his potential as a leader. It will also highlight on making work and organization more effective in the changing business environment.


Assertiveness Skills

Why This Workshop?

Assertiveness Is…

  • Helping others around you grow by giving direct, honest feedback
  • knowing about yourself and your career ambitions
  • Being productive
  • Getting your message across without stepping on other’s toes

Learn to behave assertively by participating in this workshop specifically designed to help you to:

Creative Problem Solving


  • Understand the Process of Problem Solving
  • Analyzing Current Problem Solving Styles
  • Learn and apply tools and techniques for finding creative solutions
  • Evaluate and Select the best available idea for taking decisions
  • Use an action plan for implementing decisions

Programme Outline

Assessing Current Problem Solving Skills:

Conflict Management

Conflicts are a part of work, family and social life. Conflicts can have a devastating effect — on productivity, morale, and team work and, ultimately, your organization’s bottom line. This program does not promise an end to conflict. That’s impossible. But it will give you a proven approach you can easily use whenever a conflict does arise.



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