High Potential Leadership Program


  • To help fast-track individuals develop their leadership skills as their responsibilities increase, this program exposes you to cutting-edge research, proven leadership strategies, and best management practices.
  • Meeting the needs of top performers, this program accelerates your development as a strong and capable leader.


Leadership in Action

  • Distinguishing between management and leadership
  • Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of leadership styles

Leading Teams

  • Building effective leadership teams
  • Encouraging diversity and creativity

Leadership Expression

  • Communicating with vision and purpose
  • Examining expressive and persuasive communication techniques

Managing Networks

  • Gaining insight into organizational politics
  • Achieving goals via internal and external networks

Leadership Development

  • Defining the characteristics and competencies of successful leaders
  • Exploring organizational capability, innovation, and strategic management

Extraordinary Leadership

  • Effecting change and harnessing leadership potential
  • Leading through periods of conflict and adversity

This program is designed for high-impact, fast-track individuals who have 10 to 15 years of experience and whose leadership responsibilities have steadily increased. Typical participant titles include vice president, director, general manager, and team leader. Companies are encouraged to send teams of up to five individuals in order to build a strong coalition of cross-functional leadership across the organization.

Dr Keyur Nayak  MBA-Ph.D. Corporate Trainer and HRD Consultant


We will develop the worldview, strategic skills, and leadership capacity to master the complex global challenges that face your company today.

The Case Method adopted by us is a proven tool for expanding your leadership capability and expertise. No other program puts you face to face with the faculty who wrote the cases and experienced the outcomes.

Our Global Curriculum integrates the best practices and cultural insights of the world’s top businesses. You will return with the latest strategies for achieving your company’s goals—and your career objectives.

A Diverse Group of Accomplished Peers will share their unique perspectives and life experiences. You will leave with a business network that spans functions, industries, and the globe.