Haman Resource Management

In the present era of globalisation, human resource is considered as dynamic asset which in turn contributes for technological and social excellence.

•    This module aims at developing intra-personal, inter-personal and social competencies in the middle level managers so as to enable them to perform their future role of supervisor effectively
•    Maintain values, positive attitude and interpersonal relations
•    Take quality work from their subordinate staff
•    Develop team spirit and positive attitude
•    Develop subordinates by motivations & training
•    Develop Decision Making ability

Module 1 Appreciate Human Resource

1.1     Importance of Human Resource Management in Industrial Environment
1.2     Impact of Human Factors on Productivity and Industrial Harmony
1.3     Importance of providing Time to Time suitable Training to the Man Power
1.4     Role model for a good supervisor

Module 2 Identify Human Motivations

2.1     Importance of human resources in Indian philosophy
2.2     X and Y Theory
2.3     Maslow’s Need Hierarchy, its importance in managing human resources
2.4    Managerial Grid for understanding Leadership Style and Motivation
2.5    Johari Window for conflict resolution and Motivation

Module 3 Appreciate Values and Ethics for Relationships

3.1    Need of human relations and human values in the industry
3.2    Inter department and intra department
3.2    Good relations with the suppliers and clients
3.3    Desirable human values and their importance including ethics and morale values

Module 4 Behavioural Dynamics

4.1    Need for Interpersonal Competence
4.2     Determinants of Interpersonal Behaviour
4.3     Concept of Interpersonal Orientation and Attractions and its Importance in Human Behaviour
4.4     Concept of Group Dynamics
4.5     Dynamics of Group Formation
4.6     Types of Groups
4.7     Role of Group in Organization
4.8     Desirable Characteristics of Group Member
4.9     Concept & Importance of Positive Attitude and Openness of Mind
4.10     Do’s and don’ts for Developing Positive Attitude
4.11     Importance of Mental Health

Module 5 Leadership Development

5.1    Various definitions
5.2     Situational approach to leadership
5.3     Quality of a good leader
5.4     Power influence and compliance
5.5     Influence of Leadership
5.6     Techniques to deal people effectively. - Case studies
5.7     Importance of resource management (time, information, etc.)
5.8     Need importance & types of Training
5.9     Need and importance of Motivations
5.10     Supervisor’s role as Facilitator & Motivator

Module 6 Change and Stress Management

Change Management
6.1    Need for change
6.2     Barrier to change
6.3     Strategies to manage change (Effective implementation and management of change)
6.4     Trade unions and their objectives
6.5     Constructive role of trade unions in goal setting, achievement and change management
6.6     Causes and resolution techniques of conflicts - case studies

Stress Management
6.7     Concept of stress
6.8     Causes of stress
6.9     Stress measuring techniques
6.10     Need for relieving stress
6.11     Techniques to manage the stress- case studies

Duration: 1 Day per Module:

Video Presentation, Interaction, Role-Play, Sharing, Participative Exercises, Management Games,
Brief lectures, Questionnaire

For Whom
Corporate Executives in marketing, production and non-finance functions. Sales Executives, Client
Servicing Executives, Account Managers, Customer Support Executives and Call Centre Executives of financial products in banks and other financial intermediaries. Direct Sales Associates operating in the financial services industry Investors, Executives, Administrators, Supervisors, Accountants, Receptionist, Managers of all functional areas, especially from organizations & corporations with high emphasis on people/group driven activities will find this workshop very useful.

Dr Keyurkumar M Nayak – MBA – Ph.D.  Corporate Trainer & HRD Consultant

Rs.1500/- per participant per module inclusive of Service Tax (Fee includes course fee, cost of reading material, lunch and refreshments. The cheque may please be drawn in the name of ‘Keyurkumar M Nayak’. The Cost of travel and food will be taken care at your end.

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