Leading Change And Organizational Renewal

Challenged by disruptive change and ongoing innovation, senior executives must acquire the expertise to manage system wide growth while sustaining competitive advantage. Through new conceptual frameworks and core models, this program explores effective ways to develop internal communication networks, build a shared vision of success, embrace strategic experimentation, and minimize associated risks. You will return to your company better prepared to plan and lead a successful change initiative.

Tackling change from multiple angles, you will examine new strategies for building a flexible framework that empowers your organization to execute efficiently today—and innovate successfully tomorrow. Along with interactive lectures, personal case groups, and timely case studies, you will address a specific issue confronting your company.


  • Understanding the roadblocks to change and innovation
  • Refining your organizational architecture for immediate and long-term success
  • Encouraging problem solving within your management team
  • Crafting the right leadership style for organizational renewal
  • Identifying successful innovations and addressing disruptive change
  • Fitting your organizational structure and management approach to the challenge at hand
  • Building a senior executive team that can effectively manage change
  • Sourcing knowledge through collaborative innovation
  • Designing service excellence by incorporating the perspectives of customers, employees, and owners

This program is designed for senior executives in diverse roles at companies of all sizes and stages—from current market leaders to fast-growing midsize competitors to dynamic emerging companies. To effect positive outcomes across your organization, HBS encourages both individual participants and executive teams to apply.