Managing Family Business For Generational Success - India

To succeed in India and other global markets, family-owned businesses must focus on financial performance, ownership control, family and shareholder collaboration, conflict resolution, and succession planning. This program explores effective strategies for maximizing business strengths, minimizing weaknesses, and driving long-term growth.

This program is led by faculty who have extensive experience with both family businesses and the Indian marketplace. The curriculum combines thought-provoking lectures, local and global case studies, and small-group discussions to examine four areas that are essential to family businesses:

  • Managing the family business system by integrating strengths, developing relationships, overcoming disagreement, communicating effectively, and balancing financial needs.
  • Growing, preserving, and sharing wealth in order to expand the company; retaining family control; and distributing ownership among the family.
  • Improving governance through the development of boards of directors and advisers, policies and plans for the family’s business involvement, and effective leaders within the family business system.
  • Planning for succession by developing the next generation, managing ownership, and preparing for the transition of responsibilities.

This program is designed for family businesses operating in India and beyond. HBS encourages teams of four or more family members representing both genders and two generations, in varied family, business, and ownership stages and from diverse industries.