Team Building


A team helps people steer away from blame and create a climate of loyalty and support. Global market competition demands that businesses learn to respond quicker with less cost and higher quality. Those organizations that are able to adapt to rapid and unpredictable levels of change will be more likely to survive in the twenty first century. Many believe that teams are the answer and that the members of those teams should be the best qualified people available to solve problems and implement solutions.

Objectives: At this workshop participants will learn

  •     How teams develop
  •     What are the major barriers to effective team performance?
  •     What are the roles critical for team success?
  •     Skills needed for effective team performance
  •     Leadership styles of team leaders
  •     Appraise one's strengths and weaknesses as a team player
  •     How to use team development to achieve higher performance levels


  •     Identifying Team Roles
  •     Building Blocks of Effective Teamwork
  •     Activity – 1 – Management Game
  •     Establishing Team Tasks, Skills, Commitments and Responsibilities
  •     Behaviors and methods that facilitate or hinder effective Teamwork
  •     Creating a Team Vision
  •     Activity – 2– Management Game
  •     Stages of Team Development
  •     Role of the Team Leader
  •     Co-operative, Competitive and Collaborative approaches in Team Working
  •     Improving Team Performance
  •     The Team Effectiveness Critique  
  •     Activity 3        Management Games on achieving goals successfully in a team environment

The Benefits Are:

  •     Creating trust amongst team members
  •     Recognizing individual strengths, styles and skills
  •     Keeping lines of communication flexible
  •     Ensuring tolerance
  •     Helping leaders in understanding team members

Duration 1 Day: - Corporate People Skills Training - Team Building


Video Presentation, Interaction, Role-Play, Sharing, Participative ercises, Management Games, Brief lectures, Questionnaires.

For Whom

Corporate Executives in marketing, production and non-finance functions. Sales Executives, Client Servicing Executives, Account Managers, Customer Support Executives and Call Centre Executives of financial products in banks and other financial intermediaries. Direct Sales Associates operating in the financial services industry Investors, Executives, Administrators, Supervisors, Accountants, Receptionist, Managers of all functional areas, especially from organizations & corporations with high emphasis on people/group driven activities will find this workshop very useful.


Dr Keyurkumar M Nayak – MBA – Ph.D. Corporate Trainer & Management Consultant


Rs.1500/- per participant inclusive of Service Tax (Fee includes course fee, cost of reading material, lunch and refreshments. The cheque may please be drawn in the name of ‘Keyurkumar M Nayak.’. The Cost of travel and food will be taken care at your end.

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